MomsRising #FoodPower Conference Photos (Part 2)

I wanted to share with you photos of some of the wonderful people I met at the MomsRising #FoodPower Conference Recap (Part 1). Because really,  the take away from a conference isn’t only the sessions, it’s also the connections, the people, y aquí tenemos las estrellas / and here we have the stars of the […]

Food Fuels: MomsRising #FoodPower Conference Recap (Part 1)

Let’s get straight to the point: Food Fuels. It fuels our bodies, our brains, our emotions. It determines whether we function fully or half arse. So, what are you eating? Are you diluting your body with sub-par food or using the premium supply that can harvest your energy? At the MomsRising Food Power conference in […]

Big girl working out!

I’m a big girl, plus size to be exact, and I work out. Rich foods are a staple in my home and especially in the home I was raised in.I doubt that will change– my heritage brings me great food pleasure and my mother’s pasteles will always be one of my favorite foods. See I […]

MomsRising’s Junk Food and Childhood Obesity Tweetchat

Today, Friday, March 1st, MomsRising is hosting a special tweetchat at 1 PM EST to discuss junk food and childhood obesity. Special guests will include presenters from the NYC #FoodPower Conference to Reverse Childhood Obesity happening on Saturday, March 2nd. Click for more info about the FREE #NYC Blogger Conference. I, along with the other MomsRising’s #FoodPower speakers, […]

FREE #NYC Blogger Conference

As a blogger, I have grown because of the community I’ve surrounded myself with. That community is filled with bloggers, PR representatives and readers, like YOU. My community didn’t grow overnight. Nope. It grew by my outreach, by networking, by attending conferences, like the FREE NYC Blogger Conference coming up this Saturday. I’ve made wonderful […]

Sabroso Saturday: Brisk Lemon Chicken Wings

It’s Sabroso Saturday (Translation: Tasty Saturday)! The day when we share recipes that have helped us stretch our budget, our imagination and our taste buds, without sacrificing our health. We eat a lot of chicken in my home, A LOT. It’s the most economical meat and can be made in so many different ways. From […]

The Face of One Who’s Health Was At Risk (“When the health of the mother is at risk”)

Before the birth of my youngest son, I had two miscarriages and an abortion. That pregnancy haunts me to this day. My son, my precious child, would have been 12. During that pregnancy, I was placed on partial bed rest. I was high risk. My body had so much trouble holding onto my boys. Yet, this pregnancy lasted […]

Sabroso Saturday: Skinny Cosmopolitan Recipe

It’s Sabroso Saturday (Translation: Tasty Saturday)! The day when we share recipes that have helped us stretch our budget, our imagination and our taste buds, without sacrificing our health. This week we have the deliciously light Skinny Cosmopolitan Recipe! With the holidays almost here, its time to spread some cheer! So prep up your printer and get […]

5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe In and Around Water

With summer in full gear, that means families are heading to the beach and pool. Are you prepared? Most parents and caregivers remember the suntan lotion, towels and beach balls, but forget the safety rules. I’m one of those who did. However, statistics scared me straight. Water Safety At-A-Glance: Each year, more than 3,400 people drown in […]

Minority Health Blogger Townhall Event at The White House #MinorityHealth #SMlatinas

As a blogger, a Latina Blogger, I get invited to many events, both in English and Spanish. Yet, to date, I believe this event is by far one of the most exciting and most important! This Tuesday, I will attend a live in-person Minority Health Blogger Townhall event at THE White House. Not only am I excited about the […]