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Blogalicious 2009

Are you different? Do you sometimes feel as if you do not fit in? Or perhaps try too hard to fit the mold? If so, thats "The Beauty of Different". Karen Walrond, a keynote speaker at Blogalicious 2009, tried to fit the mold for several years. She followed the pattern most of us were taught: attend [...]

Blogalicious…Let Me Count The Ways Thumbnail Blogalicious…Let Me Count The Ways Thumbnail

When I was selected to speak at Blogalicious, I was overjoyed and frightened at the same time. I can't recall which emotion ruled, but I KNOW I would not have missed it for anything in the world! Why? Well let me count the ways! One:  Blogalicious 2009 was the 1st Blog Conference for Women of Color; however, women bloggers from [...]


Recently, I received several direct messages on twitter, as well as e-mails from other bloggers requesting  tips on blogging and how to monetize a blog. As happy as I  am to help others, I do not believe the help that I can provide can compare to what can be learned at Blogalicious 2009, thats why its sure [...]

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W Atlanta – Midtown Hotel Thumbnail W Atlanta – Midtown Hotel Thumbnail

This weekend I was looking at the photos of the W Atlanta - Midtown Hotel where Blogalicious 2009 will be held. Its an amazing hotel! Not only am I excited about the event, but I am excited about the hotel and getting a chance to stay in their facilities for three days (without the kids)! [...]

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