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Reviews & Giveaways

Spring In Small Places Giveaway! Thumbnail Spring In Small Places Giveaway! Thumbnail

~GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED~ Living in an apartment, limits the changes I can make. I can't build above and enlarge. I can't break a wall to create a larger closet and I can't add a skylight in my kitchen. Yet this doesn't mean that I can't make my apartment feel like a home. With small changes, I [...]

The Red Hot RedEnvelope #Giveaway! Thumbnail The Red Hot RedEnvelope #Giveaway! Thumbnail

With Valentine's Day just a few short days away, I am super excited to be able to offer my readers a treat, a Red Hot Treat, from RedEnvelope! In the past, I've used RedEnvelope to purchase gifts for my sons, my mom and several close friends; as a reult, when I was invited to review the [...]


Being an apartment dweller, I have limited kitchen space. As a result, when I was offered a chance to review the George Foreman Smart Kitchen Multicooker, I was psyched!   When I received the box, I was excited to take it out. I have to admit I expected it to be much bigger, especially after I was that told that [...]


2K Play's New Carnival Game is a treasure trove of games, 30 new games to be exact. The game has MotionPlus capabilities, 300 new prizes and the addition of multiplayer 4 player action. What does this mean in plain old English? It means every twist of your wrist and turn of your body will cause the game to react. It means that players will [...]


"Milk it does a body good" Do you recall that slogan? I sure do!  But if you didn't, I included a few short clips below to catch you up to date.    This one was SUPER Famous in the 80s.    Or what about this one? It made Milk cool!    Yeah I know, they seem [...]


A few years ago I hired a trainer. He was not only a great trainer, he was also guapisimo/gorgeous! I trained harder because he trained me. I ran, lifted, squatted, and jumped on command. Yet the one thing I dreaded doing was sit-ups and not for the reason you may think. Exercising, when done with vigor, [...]

Pantene’s NEW Product Line Giveaway Thumbnail Pantene’s NEW Product Line Giveaway Thumbnail

I recently had the opportunity to use the new Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I. LOVED. IT. As a regular Pantene user, I didn't think anything could be done to make Pantene better but they surprised me! Now it not only smells divine, it can be customized to your hair type to give you the best result.  [...]

Urban Wear LRG Boys Review & Giveaway Thumbnail Urban Wear LRG Boys Review & Giveaway Thumbnail

Have you seen my youngest and most active son, Andrew,  pictured below? If I had to rate his activity level it would definitely be "HIGH". He's a sports fanatic, on and off the field!  On any given day, you can find Andrew roughing it up with his friends playing football, softball, soccer and basketball. Not surprisingly, his [...]

Giveaway: Three Father’s Day Books from Chronicle (ENDS 6/16) Thumbnail Giveaway: Three Father’s Day Books from Chronicle (ENDS 6/16) Thumbnail

I was recently given the opportunity to host this giveaway for Chronicle. It includes three Father's Day books. Dear Dad By Geoff Blackwell The book is a tribute to one of life's most fundamental relationships. Packed with photographs of grandfathers, fathers, and the children who adore them, this book will warm any dad's heart and [...]


The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is coming to Coney Island. Last year, I had  a fun filled day at the Coney Island Boom A Ring Circus. The boys and I hooted and hollered during the show, enjoying ourselves immensely.  This year looks like it will be just as good, if not BETTER than last year's circus show. [...]