FREE Comic Book Day AND An Event in NYC

Free Comic Book day is coming up fast! Its held the first Saturday of May every year. This year the free comic book day falls on May 1, 2010. Participating comic book stores will hand out one free comic book per person. To check your area for participating stores go to the official site: Free […]

Invisalign: The Clear Solution to Beautiful Teeth

My teen was 14 when we discovered he needed braces. He was devastated! He didn’t want to go to high school with glasses AND braces. It was high school suicide and would ruin his rep he said. He refused and no matter how I cajoled would not relent to the metal braces. Fast forward to his […]

Hallmark Writer Sarah Mueller and I at Blissdom

As noted in a previous post, I was able to admire the new Hallmark Kids Collection at Blissdom at the Hallmark booth. Hallmark writer Sarah Mueller who helped develop their new line was on hand to show me several of the cards. In the video below, we discussed the importance of encouraging children and how […]

Mom, Mum, Mommy…

Its days like these that make a Mom want to change her name!

FREE Kotex First Period Kit

I recently received this offer from All Youmagazine, which is currently on sale on Amazon. I don’t have daughters but thought it was worth passing onto my readers who do! As every woman knows, the first period is a momentous day. You can prepare your daughter with a kit from Kotex. The kit includes the […]

Inspirational Sunday: Love is…NOT Abuse

  Do you recall the “Love Is. . .” cartoons by Kim Casali? They were a collection of cartoons expressing what “Love is…” As a young girl, I recall enjoying those cartoons and thinking that is how my mate would treat me. Yet reality is very different from cartoons for some tweens and teens. It is hurtful, abusive, […]

My Fabulous 15 Quinceañera Party from Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is hosting a contest called My Fabulous 15 Quinceañera Party. The winner of the contest will win $45,000 to create the party of her dreams  for 200 people, receive new Verizon phones for herself and her family AND pop artist Pee Wee will perform live at the event.  The contest runs until August 16 for eligible teenagers in the California, […]

FREE Youth Small Business Summer Camp

Youth Small Business Summer Camp, a FREE camp for teenagers in the NYC area, sponsored by Mentoring in Medicine, Inc. – a 501c3 non-profit, has 35 NYC openings at the Harlem location, as well as openings for others to attend online. The two week camp session is titled: “The Young Adult’s Guide to Starting and […]

A Fun Filled Day at The Coney Island Boom A Ring Circus

This past weekend I took a drive to Coney Island with my boys. It had been quite sometime since I had visited the area and I have to admit it made me nostalgic.  It brought back some fantastic memories of my youth, when I would hang out with my friends or dates at the amusement park and at the beach.  Back then there was […]

Gift Buying on a Budget

As summer time approaches I find that we are invited to more birthdays, communions, bridal showers, and weddings. This can be such a budget buster if I didn’t plan for the events by setting a budget each month; however, like all plans, sometimes these can also go awry. Its in those moments that I use my creativity!