Moisturize Your Body, Naturally with Honey

by Migdalia Rivera

Ladies, your skin needs rescuing! Winter has ended but so many are still suffering from dry, flaky skin. Well, no more! With the help of Mauricio Burgos, a Professional Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, Latina On a Mission wants to rescue your skin with a nourishing home-made skin treatment, that will give you a sweet smelling, completely pampering experience. for less than $5! Even better, the recipe is conveniently travel-friendly. Simply place the tonic in air-tight traveling bottles, jars or containers when traveling. 

Burgos’ soothing tonic will pamper your skin, and senses, in the time it takes you to take a shower. Be forewarned, once applied, not only can the tub become slippery, but as you exit you might be swarmed by others wanting to touch your smooth, silky, deliciously scented skin!

Let’s talk! How do you pamper your skin? Share your secrets, and tips, in a comment!

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