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I wanted to post this yesterday but have to admit I was beyond exhausted. I flew out to Chicago in the early morning to speak at the Latinos In Social Media (LATISM) Conference. I'm beyond excited to be speaking on a panel titled "The Riches Are In The Niches" on Thursday at 2pm, Central Time. [...]


As a child, I lived in a world of dieters. The women in my life were constantly trying new "fad" diets to lose another five more pounds. They ate and complained. Said they took a bite and gained. It was an endless cycle of love and hate, with themselves and the bodies around them. Curves [...]


My sons are 1st generation Latinos. They were born here. I wasn't. As you can imagine, this has caused some conflict, particularly with dating. When my oldest was 10, I told him he would not be allowed to date until he was 16 and he never forgot. The day he turned sixteen was HUGE. It [...]


This past weekend I was sorting my laptops pictures and found this tweet up picture from 2010. A tweetup, for those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, is a meeting between two or more Twitter users. At this tweetup were  @OfeliaNJ, Ofelia's daughter, @chela816,  @BklynGirl15,  @NYCB_, @Melissa_Mami, my sons, @KeenKarl, Andrew, me, and @jamiefloydmusic, who is taking the [...]

First Born, Postpartum Depression, and Empty Nest Syndrome Thumbnail First Born, Postpartum Depression, and Empty Nest Syndrome Thumbnail

Today my man child turns 17. I can't believe time has flown so fast. I never knew how wonderful, frustrating, exhilarating and annoying motherhood could be when I had him. I so long to hold him and never let him go, which is so unlike me. When he was born, I refused to see or hold him. [...]

How Do You Define Yourself? Thumbnail How Do You Define Yourself? Thumbnail

How do you define yourself? Are you a Mom Blogger, Latina Blogger, Christian Blogger, African American Blogger, Green Blogger, Tech Blogger, etc? When I started my blog, I did not want to be labeled. I had too many labels already. I was a mother, sister, aunt, student, employee, foodie, gardener, crafter, painter and so much more. Yet each label [...]


My baby sister sent me these pictures of my niece. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw them! Happy WW! Feel free to link up below!


I can't believe its already Thursday! I feel as if I'm still playing catch-up after the Memorial Day weekend. I also have two major family events coming up in the coming weeks, a Sweet Sixteen and a wedding. My sons come out in each event, so you can imagine the running around I have been [...]

Andrew’s Birth Story Thumbnail Andrew’s Birth Story Thumbnail

Where has the time gone? It seems like I just blinked and ten years zoomed by. Or is it just that I want to make time stand still. It seems like just yesterday... I was packing my bag, preparing for my scheduled cesarean. It had been a hard pregnancy. I was placed on bedrest for [...]


Working in Social Media affords me many opportunities, including my favorite, the ability to work from anywhere. I can work from home in my pajamas, at the park, as my puppies play, or even on a totally different island.  My island, where I currently reside, is a wonderful place to live. Its a hive of activity, full of [...]