Seasonal Allergies? THIS Keeps Us Out and About

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My furbabies and I headed out this weekend. The weather was perfect. Blue skies with nary a cloud in sight. What we did have a lot of was pollen. Lots and lots of tree pollen. But I wasn’t going to let it stop me. We were heading to the pier. It was too beautiful to stay inside!

On the way we made a lot of pitstops. You can’t help it when you’re traveling with two inquisitive pups.

We passed the park.

New York City Hell's Kitchen Park | Latina On a Mission

Barked at the neighborhood policemen and horses. (I waved! No barking for me.)

Policeman and police horse in Manhattan, New York | Latina On a Mission

Policeman and police horse in Manhattan, New York | Latina On a Mission

Passed countless buildings. Some taller than others.


Finally, we made it! While Shadow (blue merle) and Teddy (red merle) made new friends, and played, I savored our mini adventure.

Large dog on pier in New York | Latina On a Mission

Toy Aussies at NYC dog park on Manhattan pier.

As a seasonal allergy sufferer, there was a time when I would have avoided the outdoors.

Now, I understand that there are steps that I can take so I’m not of a sneezing, crying, nose wiping mess. Three important steps have helped me stay ahead of my seasonal allergies. This keeps us out and about.

  1. Staying informed.

Before heading out, I check the allergy forecast in my area.  When it’s high I know I should take Claritin® along in the event that my allergy symptoms begin. Claritin® is the 24 hour, non-drowsy oral allergy medicine that I rely on to relieve my allergy symptoms.

  1. Beating the clock.

Peak pollen production can occur in the early mornings, so I try to plan my outside activities for other times whenever possible.

  1. Changing upon return.

A quick shower and change of clothes when I return home helps to remove any pollen that may have collected on my hair or clothes while I was outside.

I don’t let my seasonal allergies stop me, my family, or my furbabies, from enjoying the outdoors. When the trees bloom, so do we. Life is too short and we’re trying to live it as abundantly as possible! Plus, the dogs have to get walked, right?


Click to learn more about Claritin, a 24 hour, non-drowsy, oral allergy medicine.

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