Edible Nail Polish is REAL Thumbnail Edible Nail Polish is REAL Thumbnail

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I heard about a new nail polish on the radio. I thought it was a joke until I did a search online. It's real. Edible nail polish is REAL. KFC has created two edible nail polishes and they taste like chicken. Yup, chicken. Original (cream/beige) [...]

Spa Week Massage | Spa Week Massage |

With Fall comes falling temperatures, allergies and dry skin. On the bright side, it also brings Spa Week! This fall, Spa Week takes place from October 20 to the 26th, which is right around the corner. To get you as excited as I am, Spa Week is sponsoring a Latinalicious spa giveaway. Along with basic [...]

Nails: Stars Stripes & Glamour (Giveaway) Thumbnail Nails: Stars Stripes & Glamour (Giveaway) Thumbnail

As a teenager, I bit my nails. I couldn't use nail polish. I had no nails. Thankfully, I outgrew the habit and I've discovered the colorful world of nail polish! I see nail polish as racy lingerie for nails. Except way better because I can show it off to everyone I meet! I can re-invent [...]

Chic & Cheap: M.A.C. Press On Nails Thumbnail Chic & Cheap: M.A.C. Press On Nails Thumbnail

I recently heard about the M.A.C. Press On Nails from a friend. She gushed on and on so I had to share! Created by New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian for M.A.C., the press on nails come in three (3) different designs: Demilune, Spectator, and Demoiselle- shown below from top to bottom. [...]


This week I am attending a Dodge Ride and Drive event in New York. I am super excited to test out their cars, especially since my someone hit my parked car. It looks like a wreck but thankfully, the person who hit the car left a note with her cell phone number (See there are [...]


Spa week is a bi-annual event held at some of the finest spas in North America for a fraction of the cost. The event allows you to enjoy full service service at just $50. Its a frugalista's dream! This week I would love to share a post by Alicia, a fellow New Yorker, who blogs at Mommy [...]


I recently discovered this cheap and chic way to maintain your nails...