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I have a routine every time I prepare to travel, no matter how short or long the trip is. There’s always a hop to the grocery store to stock up in snacks for the road or plane rides. You know, those long flights, especially overseas can be grueling since airlines don’t feed passengers anymore. Then [...]

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Are you different? Do you sometimes feel as if you do not fit in? Or perhaps try too hard to fit the mold? If so, thats "The Beauty of Different". Karen Walrond, a keynote speaker at Blogalicious 2009, tried to fit the mold for several years. She followed the pattern most of us were taught: attend [...]


I was unaware of the singing talents of Priscilla Renea until the day she performed at the W Atlanta - Midtown Hotel, for the Blogalicious Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Thankfully, Mignon Renee, who blogs at Intellectual Soul ,was seated near me. She explained a bit more about this young artist who rose to fame with YouTube videos [...]


Just wanted to give you a peek at the room we are staying in. My sister and I are sharing a room; hence, the double beds. Our entertainment section Our sitting area Our make-up seating area and our bathroom! My Sister and I, pooped but excited to be at Blogalicious!   Its a beautiful room but [...]


When I return I'll let you know all about it, my Wisk event and my ELF event. If I had to sum up the last two events in one word it would be "Latinalicious"! I mean seriously what did you expect me to say?! ;) Also make sure you enter my two giveaways found HERE [...]


  I recently found out that I was selected to act as a Blogalicious Ambassador for one of the biggest blogging events of the year:  Blogalicious 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia!  The other four fabulous women are Robin of The J Standard Media Group LLC and The BLACK paPR Report, Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama, Quel, of HomeGirl, and [...]