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PetBox + Toy Australian Shepherd | PetBox + Toy Australian Shepherd |

This is the story of my 2 Toy Australian Shepherds, Shadow and Teddy, and their PetBox love affair. Meet Shadow. He's my dapper blue merle (black/white) Toy Australian Shepherd. Meet Teddy. He's my energetic red merle (brown/white) Toy Australian Shepherd. Meet PetBox. A time saving, personalized, home-delivery service for dogs (and cats!), full of the [...]


Earlier today, I left my puppies alone for a second. They went crazy, attacking three helpless squirrels! I returned and saved two but the last .... well, I warn you the photos below are graphic. Yes, he ate the brains. Sadly, I don't think it's made him any smarter because he later went on to [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Hair Disaster Thumbnail Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Hair Disaster Thumbnail

My youngest puppy, Teddy, who is 5 months old, recently got an unwanted haircut. Unwanted because I didn't ask for it and was extremely upset when I saw it. Based on a talk with another dog groomer, the haircut may change the texture of his hair. I'm hoping it doesn't because he had such beautiful [...]


...but not for long! The pups wanted to get in on the action but I have more exciting plans for this empty suitcase.  This baby is heading to a resort in Puerto Rico, sans puppies ;) Don't look so surprised Teddy! You know you're not coming! Happy WW!


  Shadow, my 4 1/2 old Toy Austrailian Shephard, gazing at Teddy, the newest member of our family. Click here to read about his event ful homecoming: Puppy + Harrasment Charge = Date? Happy WW! Feel free to link up below and blog hop!


  This past weekend, I met a man with the requisite 3 "H": Handsome, Hardworking and HAWT! But let me start from the beginning... On Sunday, the boys and I went to the XYZ Pet Store in Chelsea to buy a few goodies for Shadow, my 4 1/2  month old puppy. While at the store, we noticed [...]