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At Latina On a Mission, we’re excited to bring you this compensated post.  As cell phone users fighting the battle of raising prices, we couldn’t wait to share the good news. You don’t have to dread your monthly bill. Yes, it’s true! Free Calls. Free Texts. Anywhere. Anytime.  There’s a new player in town and he’s happy to see you roam – for FREE!

yuilop (lower case is intentional), a new US communication app, allows users to turn their smartphone or Android device into a phone in the cloud. Basically what this means is that as long as you have a connection to the internet, through a data plan or WiFi, yuilop can send or receive your calls and SMS for FREE.

It also has other perks, like letting you get a real mobile number that follows you across devices, without the use of a SIM!

Additional perks include:

  • Share pictures, location, emoticons, emoji and smilies
  • Group messaging
  • Call and text even when you don’t have cell coverage (VoIP & IM)
  • Great for travel – no longer have to fear exorbitant roaming charges
  • Save money by not paying for cell minutes for calls and texts

Simple to use, once you’ve downloaded, installed and launched yuilop, it checks to see if you have contacts who are also using the app and allows you to easily invite friends. If they don’t have the app, don’t fret! Even if they don’t have the app, you’ll still be able to contact them.

Users in the U.S. get completely free calling/SMS nationally.

If you are calling outside the U.S., you must earn credits to get the free calls/SMS. To earn the credit for international communication,  users must watch ads, download apps, and/or invite friends. promo code below. The code gives you  free credits worth 30 international mins – no strings attached.

To redeem:

- download the free yuilop app and register
- look for the ‘y’ in the top left of your screen
- click the ‘redeem a voucher’ option and enter try-yuilop [case sensitive]
- you’ll see your credit count under your name at the top of the screen

So go ahead, lower your plan minutes and text allotment and ditch the 9pm curfew! Just don’t forget to stash that ca$h for something more important … like shoes!



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