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If you received a text message from Payless between October 29, 2005 and October 29, 2010, you may be entitled to a merchandise credit worth up to $25. This lawsuit alleges that Payless violated federal statute by sending unwanted and unsolicited text messages promoting Payless products to cell phone subscribers . The text messages usually originated [...]

How I Make My Extra Fun Money Thumbnail How I Make My Extra Fun Money Thumbnail

As a single Mom I must admit, I have to get inventive with how I get money for the fun stuff, like the movies, concerts, and outings to the park, because at the end of the day, the park may be free, but those ice cream cones sure aren't! Recently, a friend, who makes much [...]

Moms & Dads Save Up to 30% With Amazon Mom! Thumbnail Moms & Dads Save Up to 30% With Amazon Mom! Thumbnail

As a Mom, I know that children are expensive. In fact, the smaller they are the more we spend on essentials, like toys, diapers, clothing, feeding and bath products. It can definitely add up if we're not careful! Knowing this,   I'm always searching for programs that will save Moms a few chabitos/pennies. Thankfully I found one! Amazon recently [...]


With the cooler days, I tend to want to cook more often instead of using my Gift Cards. Knowing that I am cooking more often, I try to plan my recipes around store sales. To prepare, I visit the Sunday Coupons website. Sunday Coupons shows me next Sunday's coupons before they hit the newstands.  With advance notice, [...]

September is Coupon Month Thumbnail September is Coupon Month Thumbnail

  September is my favorite month because it's coupon month, the month when most companies give discounts. Yet it seems that many do not take advantage of the coupons that are distributed.    In New York City there is a misconception about coupons, particularly among minorities. From talks with friends, co-workers and yes, even strangers, I've [...]

JCPenney Modeling Opportunities Thumbnail JCPenney Modeling Opportunities Thumbnail

JCPenney is looking for models! Although JC Penney does not select models directly, they work with modeling agencies who do. The modeling agencies are always on the look out for new faces and talent to use in their retail print advertising and catalogs. Click HERE to connect with an agency that works with JCPenney and obtain their [...]


Yesterday in my Wordless Wednesday post, I featured the newest craze for tweens and teens: Silly Bandz Bracelets. Silly Bandz Bracelets are rubber bands that come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The five I featured, ostrich, seal, dolphin, flower, and shark, in that order, are some of the more common bands. As noted in RUN [...]


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of eSmart Tax. All opinions are 100% mine. As a frugal Latina, I try to maximize my savings whenever possible. One way, I do so is by filing my taxes online.   Over the years, filing online has become much easier. Several reasons why I prefer [...]

Walgreens to Buy Duane Reade Thumbnail Walgreens to Buy Duane Reade Thumbnail

The iconic Duane Reade will be no more in New York City. It is going by the wayside like Woolworth, Caldor, and many others before it. Walgreens announced today that it is buying Duane Reade. The deal is valued at over $1 billion dollars, including debt. According to Market Watch, the deal should be completed by August [...]


This year I pledge to use coupons whenever I shop, whether its groceries, household necessities, entertainment, dining or clothes! As noted in my previous post, click HERE, coupons helped me stay on budget last year. I also want to use the cha-ching that I can save with coupons to buy me some new pair of jeans! [...]

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