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Keep Calm and Sleep On #HPSummerPhotoFun

by Migdalia Rivera

With school in full swing, and the Tween out of the apartment, I’ve finally found the time to sort through most of my summer photos. I have to admit I had an incentive. I’m working with HP on my #HPSummerPhotoFun! However, rest assured all opinions are my own.

This year I plan on printing a few of our faves as family gifts at the Walmart Photo Centers. At first I thought calendars would do nicely, but after looking over the website I discovered a few better options!

I totally love the photo ties! It would be perfect for the Tween. At his age (12), it can be difficult to find ties that are original and show his creativity, without being considered “uncool” or babyish. Given that he has to wear a tie everyday for school, he would love a tie, or two, or three, that show his interests!

As a photographer, I know my Teen would love the multi-panel canvas. It’s a great way to collect his favorite images and preserve them for years and years! I can order a few so that he can showcase them at college and also keep one for my office – Yes, his images are that good.

There are a few other products that I love but the one I want for myself is the photo pillow case. I love, love, love the pillow case! I can just see the below on my bed.


Also, available are:

  • Multi-Panel Canvas or Multi-Panel Mounted Photos (New from HP, only available in stores right now): The Multi-Panel Photo Canvas and Mounted Photos, where one photo is split across 2 and 4 panels and hung closely together, is a great way to showcase pictures of summer landscapes, unique architecture, summer wedding photos and large group family photos.
  • Multi-Image Canvas or Multi-Image Mounted Photos (New from HP, only available in stores right now): Another new photo wall décor option, the Multi-Image Photo Canvas or Mounted Photo, features a “hero” image as the background and has small insets where you can display other photos on top of the hero image.
  • HP Mounted Photos: A unique offering from HP, Mounted Photos feature a silver-look edge. It comes ready to hang and also has a back stand so you can place it on a table or shelf. Mounted Photos come in a variety of sizes.
  • HP Premium Canvas: Made with high-quality canvas material with a gallery-wrapped look, the HP Premium Canvas is an affordable wall décor solution that’s so beautiful it can be displayed in an art gallery!
  • Other wall décor options include:
    • HP Faux Canvas
    • Posters and collage posters
    • Prints

Dime/Tell me: What photo gift would you get if you had the choice?

Disclosure: on behalf of HP, Latina On a Mission is participating in the #HPSummerPhotoFun program. LOAM received a Walmart gift card as part of its participation. However, this in no way influenced the author’s opinion.


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