What Had They Done? It Smelled Delicious!

Disclosure: The Suavitel Fragance Pearls were given to me by Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes. Though Colgate-Palmolive compensated me in exchange for writing and publishing this content, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was surprised. Surprised and overjoyed. They did this for me. Planned it out. Got me out of the house. And, scrambled to get it done before I returned. To say it was unexpected was an understatement. I had no words. All I could do was feel. And, what I felt at that moment was loved.

Let me start at the beginning.

It was a Saturday morning – the Saturday after Mother’s Day to be exact. I woke up to my usual routine – brushed my teeth, fed the dogs, put on the coffee, got dressed, grabbed my freshly brewed cup of goodness and headed out the door for a morning walk. It was my sacred Saturday time. It was normal.

The call wasn’t.

It was my youngest.

Calling at 7 am.

In hindsight, I realize now that the call was unusual for various reasons. The top being that he’s a teen! No teen ever willingly wakes up at 7 am on a Saturday morning. Secondly, his voice, filled with urgency, was asking me to pick up supplies for a project that was due… a week later (What?!). And, lastly, he asked when I planned to return home. That should have sent up alarms.

It didn’t.

Lucky for him (and in retrospect, me!) it was early and I didn’t catch on. And, since I was walking it would take me a little over 2 hours to return home.

He and his brother worked fast.

Very fast.

Suavitel Fragrance Pearls Review #SuavitelFragrancePearls | Latina Blogger What had they done? It smelled delicious.

They swept, mopped, dusted and washed my bed sheets and comforter. They also surprised me with a newly washed robe – adding Suavitel Fragrance Pearls into the washer to get that wonderful scent that pervaded my room.

They knew these new fragrance pearls would not disappoint me, and they didn’t.

Suavitel Fragrance Pearls | Latina Blogger

It smelled delicious. I was so proud of my boys and super surprised that they had taken the time to do something so thoughtful. Yes, it was a week after Mother’s Day, but for my boys, every day is Mother’s Day and I love them for that and so many more reasons!

Suavitel Fragrance Pearls #SuavitelFragrancePearls| Latina Blogger

Even today, as I close the door to my room I can still smell the freshness of Suavitel Fragrance Pearls lingering  on my bed. And, each time I do I give thanks for my sweet blessings.

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