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The weather was beautiful this weekend so I decided to take the boys and dogs to the beach. We had a great time flying kites and just spending some quality time together outside of the home.   Happy WW!   Let's talk! What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?


My teen discovered this while shopping with my Mom in the Bronx. I can't believe in this day and age, people would need an instruction manuel! Happy WW! If you are joining in the WW bloghop, leave your link below.


While walking in Manhattan I noticed a poster asking for information about a man. He looked familiar somehow. Wouldn't you agree? Below is a close-up.   Have you seen this man? If you have, please let us know in a comment.   Happy WW! Feel free to share your link or comments below.


My son discovered this while working on a paper. According to this site, school is synonymous with jail. No wonder our children are faltering! Let's talk! What do you think? Does school = jail? Let us know your thoughts in a comment! Happy WW! If you're participating in WW, feel free to link up below.


After a long  WW hiatus, I'm back! A friend of mine recently served a bottle of Culitos' Merlot Wine on a romantic getaway. The wine hails from Chile; hence, the Spanish name Culitos. Curious: How would you have reacted to a romantic dinner with a bottle of  Culitos' Merlot Wine? Btw, according to Super Wine [...]


Earlier today, I left my puppies alone for a second. They went crazy, attacking three helpless squirrels! I returned and saved two but the last .... well, I warn you the photos below are graphic. Yes, he ate the brains. Sadly, I don't think it's made him any smarter because he later went on to [...]


Last week I purchased a slew of dog treats for my puppies. When I went to open one, I noticed the below. Did you notice the expiration date? IT EXPIRED TEN YEARS AGO! Sadly, this is being sold in my neighborhood. I won't state the name of the store because of privacy issues (Mine, not theirs!) However, [...]


Because sometimes you need a contract...even at home! After drawing up the below contract for my 10 year old tween, he asked for an attorney. Brave considering I was irate but I took a breath and explained this was a small claims court case, so no attorney was needed (Every moment is a teaching moment [...]


How many times have you felt like this? ;) Btw, I received the above from Hallmark at BlogHer 11. Cool isn't it?! I think it sums up how most bloggers feel. Happy WW! If you're joining in WW, feel free to link up your photo below.  


I recently found this artwork while walking around the city. I'm not sure what it is, but I can tell a lot of care was put into it. What do you think it is? Happy WW!