Wordful Wednesday

Lately, whenever I open my monthly cell phone bill I to cringe. So I have to ask myself, "Do I like you? Do I really, really like you?"     If I do, you'll get calls before 9pm! ;) How do you save money on your cell phone bill?   Psst, I'm hosting a #muvete [...]


I bet you're thinking, "Huh?" But it's true! While taking a stroll in New York City I found "Nowhere". My little one suggested they may have meant "NowHere". Could be! Because how could it be that I am NowHere and also be "NoWhere"? That would be pretty vexing, don't you think? I didn't have to [...]


Below is what happens when you leave a teen and a tween to their own devices while you run out and enjoy a latte. I left them playing a board game and returned towards the end of a marker battle! Thankfully, the markers used were Crayola's Washable Markers. Can you imagine if they had to [...]


I haven't had time to go through all of Stiletto Media's first event but I was able to sort through a few of the fabulous pictures Divina took at Kick Off Your Heels (#KOYH). As you can tell by the pictures we had a fabulous time! I met so many amazing bloggers, old and new, [...]


I saw the below Time magazine at the supermarket counter. Although I didn't get to read the piece, the cover states that men and women work the same amount.   I have to admit, I may be bias as a single mother, so what do you guys think? Take the survey below! I'll let you know the [...]


This past weekend I was sorting my laptops pictures and found this tweet up picture from 2010. A tweetup, for those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, is a meeting between two or more Twitter users. At this tweetup were  @OfeliaNJ, Ofelia's daughter, @chela816,  @BklynGirl15,  @NYCB_, @Melissa_Mami, my sons, @KeenKarl, Andrew, me, and @jamiefloydmusic, who is taking the [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Pepper Plant Thumbnail Wordless Wednesday: Pepper Plant Thumbnail

When I lived in Long Island, we had a huge backyard, almost half an acre. I loved it because I had a garden. But when I moved back to the city, I couldn't take it with me. In the beginning it didn't bother me. I love living in the city! But I missed my garden. [...]


My baby sister sent me these pictures of my niece. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw them! Happy WW! Feel free to link up below!


On top, in the middle or on the bottom? I prefer the bottom. For some reason, I just think its cleaner. What about you?   And if you thought I was talking about anything but this, shame on you! ;)   Happy WW! Feel free to link up below.  


Last week I had a slice to eat with a friend. Before leaving the pizza place, we decided to use their loo. Did they think we would hold hands?   Happy WW! Don't forget to check out the other photos linked up below!