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Social Media Event

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the LATISM 11 conference in Chicago. It was my first time visiting Chicago. Even more exciting, I was going sans kids. The morning started bright and early. My flight was scheduled to leave at 6am. I was ready. Having learned my lesson after missing my flight to Disney, where I [...]

Five Inches Off the Ground! Thumbnail Five Inches Off the Ground! Thumbnail

  It feels as if I haven't written on Latina On a Mission in ages, yet its barely been a week. In that time so much has happened. I relaxed and spent some much needed time with familia/family, went hiking, took the dogs for their first walk on grass, vs. the concrete park with no [...]


In April, Latina On a Mission partnered with Telemundo for its first Social Media Day in Miami, Florida. As part of the event, I, along with eight other website owners/social media influencers, sat at a roundtable with Don Browne, the President of Telemundo, the Executive Vice President of Digital Media and Emerging Businesses, Senior Vice [...]