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As a child, I lived in a world of dieters. The women in my life were constantly trying new "fad" diets to lose another five more pounds. They ate and complained. Said they took a bite and gained. It was an endless cycle of love and hate, with themselves and the bodies around them. Curves [...]

The Perfect Jeans For All Shapes And Sizes Thumbnail The Perfect Jeans For All Shapes And Sizes Thumbnail

From left to right: Tiffany, @SimplyBijoux, Kimberly, Ms. Latina, Joyee   Recently I was invited to an Levi's event. The event would feature Levi's Curve ID jeans, a Latinalicious™ jean that follows the curves of our bodies and does not try to flatten or rearrange our natural shape. The jeans available in 4 styles, Slight Curve [...]


In January, I wrote about my search for a few good jeans (see post).  LaLicenciada left a comment with a few helpful tips that I just had to share with you!   ******************** Jeans are a crucial asset in any woman’s wardrobe! Buying jeans can be a defeating process – I’ll try on 10 different jeans my size only to find [...]