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Latina Blogger: 4 Years in the Making Thumbnail Latina Blogger: 4 Years in the Making Thumbnail

Yesterday was Latina On a Mission's 4th year blogoversary. It boggles my mind. When I began blogging, a Latina Blogger was a rarity.  Surprisingly, finding a Latina Blogger from New York, a state with a high concentration of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, was even rarer in 2009.¹ Over the course of those four years, I've [...]

The above photo was taken during a recent trip to Puerto Rico. The above photo was taken during a recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Over the years, I've traveled with my family countless times.  The above photo was taken on a spur of the moment trip to Puerto Rico. We've also gone on several road trips with the dogs. Being prepared saved my sanity and also allowed me to enjoy our time together. Through those experiences, I've learned what works [...]

I Waited For You Thumbnail I Waited For You Thumbnail

She told me she had been waiting for years. And she was right. It had been 24 years since I had seen her, since I had left her home. She said I waited for you. I wanted to talk to you. To say, I am sorry and that I love you. I cried. I knew [...]


I did not take a drink from a bottle labeled Drink Me, did not eat a cake with Eat Me written on it, yet it seemed I had fallen down a rabbit hole into Alice's Tea Cup. It was a festive, inviting wonderland filled with all types of tea, served in dainty teacups. They were not labeled Drink Me. They did not [...]


I've made many mistakes in my life. Some, I wish I could take back. Yet two changed my life forever and gave me my biggest blessings, my sons. Today, I will not focus on those errors, or even who I selected as the fathers. Today, I will forget the former things; I will not dwell [...]


My ten year old recently connected with a young girl from his Pre-K class.  She calls him constantly because she has a crush on him. He enjoys the attention and so picks up every single call. One day while talking to Andrew, she tells him she found another one of their Pre-K friends. She said he [...]


This has been a crazy month. My debit card was stolen and my account cleaned out, I forgot to return two rented tuxs and had to pay an exorbitant amount of money, and one of my best friends was in a horrible bus accident. That last one put everything into perspective. All else faded once [...]


My baby sister sent me these pictures of my niece. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw them! Happy WW! Feel free to link up below!


I can't believe its already Thursday! I feel as if I'm still playing catch-up after the Memorial Day weekend. I also have two major family events coming up in the coming weeks, a Sweet Sixteen and a wedding. My sons come out in each event, so you can imagine the running around I have been [...]