Queen 👸 Meet Coffee Mug #NationalCoffeeDay

My days and nights run on coffee, any coffee. Iced. Latte. Mocha. Give me all of them. I’m not picky. But I am extremely particular with my coffee mug. They give me life.

I have a collection of coffee mugs from sassy to endearing. Some call me beautiful. Others tell me I’m fierce. You can catch my mood by the mug I use. You only need to read to know if its a good day to approach. Mugs simplify life. And make my day run smoother. Now if only my dogs could read.

Coffee Mug ShopBopcoffee-mug-shopbop_this-may-be-wine coffee-mug-shopbop_hello-gorgeous

Check out the mugs HERE.. Which one are you today? Let us know in a comment.

Btw, these are all on sale. Just use code EOTS17 at checkout for 20% off all your purchases. I highly suggest checking out Diane von Furstenberg.  Happy drinking and shopping!

Diane von Furstenberg


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