Organic Home Remedy Recipe for Sore Throats and Colds

During the winter, germs multiply at work and home. This means that everyone in our home will get a cold or a sore throat at least once. Since I loathe running to the medicine cabinet for pills and cough syrups, at the first sign of a sniffle, I use a home remedy. It does the trick.  Even my youngest, the grouchiest patient ever, will drink it! And, with four ingredients, our organic home remedy recipe for colds and sore throats is super easy to make  – even when you’re the one that’s sick with a foggy head cold!

I also make sure to use organic products when preparing the ginger and honey citrus sore throat home treatment remedy. I think it’s so important not just for taste but for our health. One brand that I like is Golden Blossom Honey.  It’s organic, 100% honey and made in the U.S. Win-win in my eyes!

NOTE: Children under 12 months should NOT drink honey. Honey can contain spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium can cause infant botulism, a rare and potentially fatal illness.

Let’s talk! Do you have a sore throat home remedy? Share it in the comments so that we can all benefit!

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Migdalia Rivera, also known as Ms. Latina in social media, is a single Latina mother of a teen, tween and 2 Australian Shepherds. When not blogging, or chasing after her energetic bunch, she connects influential bloggers with brands and PR agencies via her blogger network, Stiletto Media.

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  • Mayito Castillo January 31, 2014, 10:39 pm

    Tambien yo, soy amante a los remedios caseros. Me gusto mucho tu receta, la voy a tener a la mano, porque ultimamente he estado con mucho dolor de garganta.
    Gracias por compartirla! Saludos!

  • craftyone January 5, 2015, 8:08 am

    I have never heard of using any oil in the lemon and honey. Otherwise, I use the remedy all the time for my colds and sore throat.

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