Let’s Make Magic Happen. Let’s Change 54¢ into a Dollar. #voteWEP

One vote. Yours. Can create real change. Change that can change the lives of women, como tú y yo / like YOU and me.


That my friends is the approximate number of hours I have worked over the past two decades. I’m sure it’s much higher. Why? Because overtime was a lifeline. Overtime, paid for the extras – you know like food, sanitary pads and soap, those extras. My regular pay check went to pay the rent, electricity, transportation and telephone. Note, I said telephone, not cell phone. I didn’t have one of those until I married.

As I look at that number, 52,000, I can’t stop shaking my head. Why you ask? Well, because as a Latina and a woman, I made 54¢ for every dollar a White man made for the same job. Coño. That means I lost out on thousands and thousands of dollars and most likely you did too. 

And, that my friends, means my family, my children, lost out as well. Because reality is that women’s pay, doesn’t just affect women. It affects their family – their children, their husbands and any extended family that they support like their aging parents. It doesn’t stop there. By failing to pay women equal pay for equal work, that means there is less money to spend on clothing, food, household products, entertainment, schools, homes, automobiles, and on and on and on. If we can not spend, because we are not earning equal pay for equal work, that means companies lose out and so does society.

Ultimately, failing to pay women equal pay for equal work means everyone loses, whether you are a woman or not.

So, tomorrow I am asking  you to use your power.

One vote. Can create real change. Add yours.

Vote for the Women’s Equality Party on Nov 4.

Let’s make magic happen. Let’s change 54¢ into a dollar.

Let’s make some magic and #VoteWEP tomorrow! #SMLatinas #SMBlogger #WomensEquality

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Click for more info on the Women’s Equality Party.

Numbers at a glance. Click to enlarge.

#voteWEP Infographic FACTS| Latina On a Mission

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