DIY Craft: How to Make a Glitter Calm Down Bottle

I have two sets of twins, ages six and four. They are very spirited children. Two have been diagnosed with ADHD, and you would not believe how many meltdowns happen daily.

After my “oldest” started to slam doors like a teenager, I decided to search the internet for ways to calm down my child. That’s when I found the Calm Down Bottles. They go by many names – calm down bottles, time out bottles, sensory bottles, but the purpose remains the same regardless of what you call them.

My children know when they’re feeling upset, or sad, they need to get their bottles. They’ll play I Spy and will point out everything they can see in the bottle. This helps take their mind of what was troubling them. Once they tell me they’re feeling better, that’s my opportunity to sit down and talk with them (not at) about what upset them.

The calm down bottle has been a huge help with my children at home and at school. I can proudly say my daughter has also stopped slamming our doors!

The Glitter Calm Down Bottle is a tool that redirects a child (or adult!) in the midst of a meltdown, a tantrum, and also helps to relax a child with anxiety. I even made one for myself because what parent can’t use some relaxation. And let me tell you these things work!

I hope you find it helpful and as easy to make as we did. After you make yours, let me know what you think in a comment!


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Gabrielle Ocasio

Gabrielle Ocasio is a frugal, fun-loving, divorced mother of two sets of twins. She is a champion of positive parenting and quality education for all children.

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