I found these doodles on a table while waiting to register at SxSW last week. Its a pity the artist was no where to be found, because I loved his work. The artist's signature is on bottom of one of the doodles so if you recognize it, please let me know who the artist is! [...]


While in Puerto Rico, I saw several trees that had very few leaves and just one or two blooming flowers. I thought it was the oddest thing. Tree: Close-up of Flower: Do you know what kind of tree this is? I would love to know! Happy WW!


Today we're playing a guessing game with my photos from PuertoRico. Can you guess what these are? Let me know in a comment. 1. 2. 3. Come back on Thursday to get the answers and don't forget this is a family friendly blog ;) Happy WW! UPDATE:  Thanks to all who joined in the fun.  [...]


I just had to share a picture my brother sent me last week .... Yes, it's me on a billboard in Times Square, on my new mission to stop heart disease in women. Won't you join me? Happy WW!


...but not for long! The pups wanted to get in on the action but I have more exciting plans for this empty suitcase.  This baby is heading to a resort in Puerto Rico, sans puppies ;) Don't look so surprised Teddy! You know you're not coming! Happy WW!


  Shadow, my 4 1/2 old Toy Austrailian Shephard, gazing at Teddy, the newest member of our family. Click here to read about his event ful homecoming: Puppy + Harrasment Charge = Date? Happy WW! Feel free to link up below and blog hop!


Is it just me or do you also think it's way too early to start selling Easter candy? It's even on sale! Which makes you wonder is it last year's candy or was it shipped super early? Hmmmm.... Happy WW! Add the direct link to your WW photo below to join in the fun! Don't forget [...]


I purchased this piece a few years ago in a thrift store in Manhattan. I absolutely love it, not just for the words inscribed on each side, but for the wild print. Happy WW! Don't forget to add your link below. While you're at it, let us know which side you would choose in the [...]


Last year my best friend and I had the opportunity to see Jennifer Hudson perform LIVE! Although Jennifer Hudson's Weight Watchers commercials highlight her weight loss - she lost about 5 sizes-  seeing the difference in person was inspiring! She looked amazing!  Sitting in the second row, I had an incredible view; however, because of [...]


After an exciting day at play outside, Andrew and Shadow couldn't keep their eyes open another second. I, on the otherhand, took advantage and caught up on some reading. :) Hope you're enjoying your holidays! Happy WW!