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Food, Hope & Love Delivered In a Box #MealsPerHour Thumbnail Food, Hope & Love Delivered In a Box #MealsPerHour Thumbnail

Over the past few weeks, as a sponsored Ambassador for Toyota and Food Bank For New York City’s Meals Per Hour project, I’ve seen hard work and dedication at its finest. I’ve watched as volunteers donated time and energy to help their fellow man, packing emergency food boxes for those in need and distributing them [...]

Speak up. Speak loud. SPEAK. #TrayvonMartin Thumbnail Speak up. Speak loud. SPEAK. #TrayvonMartin Thumbnail

  This makes me sadder than words can ever describe. As the Mother of two Latino sons of color, I fear for them. I worry whenever they go out, when they have to ride the train/bus, or travel alone. My heart goes out to Trayvon's mother, his family and OURS ...  all of ours. May we [...]


Photo Credit Japan suffered tremendous devastation on March 11, 2011. Countless people are missing and more than 8,649 are confirmed dead. The numbers are sure to rise as time progresses. They are in dire need of help, our help. Below I have compiled a list of 5 ways that we can all help Japan without spending a [...]

How Breast Cancer Came Into My Life Thumbnail How Breast Cancer Came Into My Life Thumbnail

My aunt, Titi Tere, died of breast cancer. As a young woman, she enjoyed going to the beach and tanning. Summer was her time! It didn't matter what was going on in her life, she always found the time to tan. I don't think she was aware of the dangers. If she was, she didn't care. To her, a [...]


Bullying is nothing new. Our children face it and sometimes even as adults we do as well. We're taught to remove ourselves from the situation and the tormentor, yet with cyberbullying that is nearly impossible. Cyberbullying has changed the dynamics. It has taken bullying to the next level, made it more vicious and crueler than ever before. [...]


A close friend of mine recently forwarded an email from a co-worker. As a mother, it saddened my heart  to read it. As a Latina, it called me to action. It forced me to look at myself, at my children, and reevaluate my life. While I fight with my children over a messy room, Denise [...]

Support for Haitians in New York City Thumbnail Support for Haitians in New York City Thumbnail

There are a slew of great organizations helping Haitians in Haiti. However, it did not just affect the Haitians in Haiti, many residing within New York City have been adversely affected as well. As such, I am happy to announce that NYC has opened the New York Haitian Earthquake Family Resource Center. It is comprised [...]

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