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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine. I believe education opens doors. For various reasons, it took me almost ten years to obtain my degree. I started before I had my sons, working two jobs to pay for college but it was too hard. When [...]

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Dr. Nebula’s Laboratory at the American Museum of Natural History Thumbnail Dr. Nebula’s Laboratory at the American Museum of Natural History Thumbnail

This past weekend the boys and I had an opportunity to go to the American Museum of Natural History to attend an interactive family science theater show.  The live show called Dr. Nebula's Laboratory is geared towards younger children, ages 5-10, and their families. Its part of a series, featuring various topics from early human ancestors to the [...]

Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship Thumbnail Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship Thumbnail

   Denny's is offering single parent student scholarships to Hispanics. Recipients will receive scholarships valued from $500-$1,500 AND a Kids Eat Free coupon. The application deadline is February 16, 2010.  Below I have noted the application eligibility information: •Must be of Hispanic background. •Must be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident. •Must be accepted or [...]

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RMHC U.S. Scholarship Thumbnail RMHC U.S. Scholarship Thumbnail

  Recently I found out that the Ronald McDonald House was accepting scholarship applications. The applications are due by February 16, 2010. Their are currently four applications but students can only apply to ONE of the four scholarships. Below are the general eligibility requirements. To apply for an RMHC scholarship, a student must: Be a [...]

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With the economy as it is and tuition continuing to rise, a higher education is getting harder to obtain without going into debt. Many middle class families are struggling just to put food on the table and hold onto their homes. A higher degree is the furthest thing from their mind, yet now is when its [...]

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I discovered TextbookX several months ago and even posted about it HERE. In case, anyone missed that post I am writing about it again! TextbookX is a wonderful place to purchase and sell textbooks, as well as current bestsellers, at a deep discount. They also offer a referral fee where you can get paid $1 everytime a person you [...]


Kaplan is offering FREE Math and Reading online programs. The program available for children in the kindergarten - 8th grade is customized to your child's level. Perfect for back to school prepping! The deadline to register for the Free Kaplan program is 8/31/09. Once you register for the classes you will receive one month of classes. It [...]

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Create Party Favors with Staples Freebies Thumbnail Create Party Favors with Staples Freebies Thumbnail

I love Staples! They have some amazing deals for back to school, including some wonderful freebies each week. This upcoming week (July 19-25, 2009) the following items are FREE: mechanical pencils retractable gel pens and assorted retractable highlighters. Along with these freebies, they have other wonderful products on sale like a 50 pack of Photo [...]


Staples has started their Back To School Sale. Each week until school begins they will offer several items for a penny. That's right you heard right ... ONE PENNY! These items normally have a purchase limit. However, you can purchase more by bringing along a friend or going to another store. Thankfully I have four [...]


The Hispanic Scholarship Fund lists several  scholarship programs for college bound High School students, as well as Undergraduate and Graduate students. There are currently two scholarships available from the Verizon Foundation and General Motors. The postmark deadlines for these scholarships are July 15, 2009. I copied and pasted the requirements for each below. Eligibility Requirements Be of Hispanic [...]