I'm delighted to announce a new giveaway hosted by Vive Mejor, a division of Unilever Group of Companies, is a one stop resource for Latinas. The site offers tips, information, and advice to help us live better vidas/lives. The website is offered in both Spanish and English, making it easy for all to enjoy. [...]


I was recently invited to a Back to School Bash for Tweens. Although I couldn't go, I sent someone who would be able to give us the no frills inside scoop, Joyee. Joyee is a teen with New York Style. She can spot the trends before they've hit the fashion magazines. Even better, she's learned [...]


And do my feet need saving! Sadly, I couldn't attend the event myself, but, thankfully, I had just the person who could. As a full time Corporate Diva, busy Mami, and loving wife, Jeanette, can be on her feet for hours. Like me, she also loves her heels, knowing this, I HAD to get her [...]


Nerd. Four eyes. Coke bottle glasses. These were the names I heard in 3rd grade when I got my first pair of glasses.  When my oldest, Karl, was told he needed glasses, I cringed inside. I didn't want him to go through what I did. Sadly, Karl did. He heard the same names as I did.  When my youngest [...]