8 Things You Should Never Say to a Dog Owner

As the proud fur mom, aka dog owner, of two Toy Aussies, I’m the first to admit that I baby them. I bake them special treats, take them to the park, buy them special clothes and even read to them! They’re family.  So when others complain that dogs take up too much time and money, I cringe.

Dogs are a major responsibility. They require commitment.  They need to get walked, have to be socialized, require attention and most importantly your love.

Not everyone is capable of providing that commitment to an animal and that’s OK. It doesn’t speak ill of someone if they’re not a dog person. Not everyone is meant to be a dog owner. So for those who don’t have dogs, I’ve created a list, a guideline really, with 8 Things You Should Never Say to a Dog Owner.

Seriously. Never say these things.

Can you leave them at boarding when I visit?

Well, that's not fair is it? This is their home. A better option would be if you stayed at a hotel and we met up elsewhere. I'm sure it would be more fun anyway.

Dogs are like toddlers. They never grow up!

Yup! And they don't get the teen 'tude either! But seriously, we know they will always need us to give them baths, brush their teeth, take them to the park and more, and we're OK with that.

You would save so much money if you didn't have dogs.

You're right! But I considered the costs when I became a dog owner. All responsible dog owners do. And, guess what? I decided having a dog was worth more than the money I would have saved.

Dogs are so much work!

So is everything else that's worthwhile! As a dog owner, I knew what I was getting into and decided it was worth it.

A cat is less work.

Nothing against cats but we're dog people. Our dogs chose us, not the other way around. And we're so glad they did! But honestly, it really isn't any of your business now is it?

Your place is a mess now that you have a dog.

If it bothers you that much, get me a cleaning service subscription! Otherwise, handle it. Their dog toys (and seasonal shedding!) doesn't bother me.

You have to choose. Its either me or the dog.

Don't make us choose because you'll lose. Then again, go ahead. Make us choose. It will help us realize that much faster how wrong you are for us.

Why do you talk to your dogs? They don't understand.

Sure they understand! They may not understand words per se but they pick up on our tone and body language and act on that. So go ahead talk to them and feel free to tell them your secrets. They won't tell and neither will we!


Let talk! Are you a dog owner? Do you have anything to add to this list? Share in a comment!

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