Toy Australian Shepherd

Earlier today, I left my puppies alone for a second. They went crazy, attacking three helpless squirrels! I returned and saved two but the last …. well, I warn you the photos below are graphic.


Squirrel 2
Yes, he ate the brains.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s made him any smarter because he later went on to eat a plate, earphones, and a knob off my new media table. I’m hoping I can get a replacement knob because I really loved that table.

What weird things have your pets, or kids, for that matter, eaten?

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Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Hair Disaster

My youngest puppy, Teddy, who is 5 months old, recently got an unwanted haircut. Unwanted because I didn’t ask for it and was extremely upset when I saw it. Based on a talk with another dog groomer, the haircut may change the texture of his hair. I’m hoping it doesn’t because he had such beautiful […]

Wordless Wednesday: Toy Australian Shepherd at 10 Weeks (Video)

This week I’m posting a video of Teddy, my toy Australian Shepherd. He was 10 weeks at the time of recording. Isn’t he adorable?! Btw, one of these days I’ll will figure out how to add music, till then feel free to mute! Happy WW! Feel free to link up below.