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Katie Couric and Migdalia Rivera, Latina On a Mission

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a sponsored The Breakfast Project with Katie Couric, the award-winning journalist, best-selling author, talk show host, and Daytime Emmy nominee. Yup, THAT Katie Couric.

I had a fabulous time chatting with Katie over an intimate breakfast. It was comprised of 3 bloggers, myself included, and several magazine editors. We discussed the importance of a healthy lifestyle, women’s issues and life in general. Without mincing words, Katie discussed tough subjects like eating disorders, society’s need to squeeze as much as possible into a day and single mothers. All topics that I passionately discuss on my site.

Katie Couric was amazingly real.

With all the roles she plays, she could not stress enough how important it was to start each morning with breakfast and milk. It helped her power through the day as a young correspondent at a local news channel and continued as she became an iconic morning talk show host. Cutting corners to maintain her slim physique was not an option, she knew that she needed to feed her body and her brain, if she wanted to continue to bring her A game.

Milk provided her with high-quality protein so that she had the energy and brain-power to accomplish all she set out for herself – and goodness knows she has set her sights on the stars and made it to the moon!

One of the things I have realized is breakfast is so critically important to everyone. You have to get your body in gear, you have to give it a jumpstart, you have to have good nutrition.” ~ Katie Couric.

Her daughters, one in high school and another in college, have continued the habits they learned from this single mother of two. Including milk in the morning is a healthy habit that Katie learned from her mom while growing up. Continuing the tradition, Katie passed down a healthy lifestyle, that includes milk and an active life, to her daughters.

When you’re adding milk to your breakfast, you’re getting all sorts of added benefits. You’re getting protein when you put it in your ceral; you’re getting calcium when you add it to your coffee or just drinking a glass straight up.” ~Katie Couric

Katie did something spectacular….

She provided me and YOU, Latina On a Mission readers, with a personalized message.  Go ahead. You know your curiosity won’t let you continue reading until you do. No worries. I’m patient. I’ll wait till you finish.


As a single frugal Mom, I love to cut corners; however, I will never cut corners with my family’s health and neither should you. I feel good about serving my sons’ milk in the morning because it not only gives them the nutrients they need, but it stays within our budget.

Katie Couric and I may come from different worlds, but we are both mothers who want the best for our families. I applaud her for taking aligning herself with the National Milk Mustache’s  The Breakfast Project and reinforcing the importance of milk in the morning. Don’t you?

To get recipes, tips, and more, head over to the The Breakfast Project.

Let’s talk! How do you add milk to breakfast meal? I get a double dose, in my oatmeal and my coffee!


Disclosure: LOAM was compensated for it’s participation at The Breakfast Project with Katie Couric; however, this in no way influenced the writer’s integrity, or awe, at meeting such an amazing single mother!



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