BlogHer13: @EatYasso and Yoga In Chicago

by Migdalia Rivera

If you follow the Latina On a Mission Facebook Page and/or @MsLatina’s Twitter Account, you’ve heard the news … last week I was at the BlogHer conference in Chicago, with over 5,000 other bloggers.

BlogHer is one of the largest Blogger conferences. It is also one of the first conferences to bring Bloggers, and Brands that want to connect with them, together under one roof. It’s a whirlwind of activity crammed into a very tight agenda that can begin at 7 and end sometime after midnight.

Finding moments to unwind and take a step back among 5,000 women may seem daunting, but it’s doable and necessary – at least for me. The Yasso yoga event provided me with that opportunity.

Surrounded by an urban metropolis, full of energy and vibrant noises, I was able to do the impossible. I was able to silence the noise.

I focused on my body,  the way it moved, and held a pose.

Yasso Yoga Pose | Latina On a Mission

I was fluid, like the grass before me. I bent, but did not break.

Grass | Latina On a Mission

Full of infinite possibilities, I stretched towards the sky.

BlogHer13 Yasso Yoga | Latina On a Mission

Surrounded by fellow bloggers, I knew I had found my Twibe.

BlogHer Yossa Yoga Event | Latina On a Mission


After an hour, it was over.

With trembling legs and a heart full of peace, I picked up my yoga mat and walked towards the Yasso counter. I mingled with bloggers and sampled Yasso’s frozen greek yogurt – perfect after our yoga session.

The clarity I found during the session did not disappear at the end of our session. It followed me about my day.

I was invigorated and ready to take BlogHer on!

Let’s talk! Have you done yoga? What was your experience? Share in a comment!



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