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As children we can be subjected to many acts of violence whether small or large. On television, in child's play, at school, with friends, our cousins and siblings and even our parents, we can see, hear and feel different aspects of violence. I personally have witnessed, heard and felt it often enough for it to [...]


Latina On a Mission is honored to join forces with the Allstate Foundation, Latina Bloggers Connect, Deborah Deras, and Jeanette Kaplun to host a sponsored #PurplePurse Twitter Party. The topic - domestic violence. Domestic violence impacts millions. On average, it occurs at least 145 times every hour in the U.S. Sadly, 3 women die every [...]

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#PurplePurse AllState Foundation | Latina On a Mission #PurplePurse AllState Foundation | Latina On a Mission

I’m excited to announce that Latina On a Mission has teamed up with the Allstate Foundation, Latina Blogger Connect, Deborah Deras, Adriana Castro, and Jeanette Kaplun to host a sponsored Twitter Party! We'll be discussing a very important topic - Domestic Violence. Domestic violence impacts millions, occurring more than 145 times each hour in the [...]

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She told me she had been waiting for years. And she was right. It had been 24 years since I had seen her, since I had left her home. She said I waited for you. I wanted to talk to you. To say, I am sorry and that I love you. I cried. I knew [...]

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Several years ago, I worked on a day to day basis with victims of Domestic Abuse. I was one of their first contacts after an arrest was made. An arrest that was made possible because of a call. According to Domestic Violence Statistics, “Around the world, at least 1 in every three women has been [...]


Today I heard screaming, loud, terrified, screaming, coming from my neighbor's apartment. The wails were piecing, but not more so, than the baby's screams, or the sounds of objects being flung to the floor. I grabbed a broom and banged on the cement ceiling, hoping it would stop what I feared was happening. It did not. [...]

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Before I went into Corporate Law, I worked in ECAB in the District Attorney's Office. ECAB (Early Case Assessment Bureau), is where felony and misdemeanor cases are evaluated and complaints are drafted. As a paralegal in the department, I interrogated victims, witnesses, and the police officers who conducted the arrests. I collected the information that was presented before the Grand [...]

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