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I wanted to share with you photos of some of the wonderful people I met at the MomsRising #FoodPower Conference Recap (Part 1). Because really,  the take away from a conference isn’t only the sessions, it’s also the connections, the people, y aquí tenemos las estrellas / and here we have the stars of the show!

Byron Hurt, Soul Food Junkies | Latina On a Mission

Byron Hurt, Director/Producer of Soul Food Junkies

 Migdalia Rivera & Eileen Campos | Latina On a Mission

Eileen Campos of Mommy Teaches & Migdalia Rivera, Speaker at MomsRising Food Power Speaker

Elisa Batista & Diana Limongi Gabriele | Latina On a Mission

Elisa Batista, Campaign Specialist at, and Diana Limongi GabrielePhoto Credit:Diana Limongi Gabriele

Monifa Bandele, MomsRising Campaign Director | Latina On a Mission

Monifa Bandele, Campaign Director at
Photo Credit: MomsRising

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with the below photo which showcases the influence of Mom Bloggers. Click to enlarge.

Mom Blogger Influence | Latina On a Mission

How do you use YOUR voice and influence? It’s more powerful than you realize, especially when combined with organizations like MomsRising and their 3.5 million members. For more information, click here: MomsRising. 

Disclosure: Migdalia Rivera, of Latina On a Mission, was a sponsored speaker at the MomsRising Food Power conference in New York City.


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