I returned to college after having my first child. Because of lack of funding, it took me almost ten years to complete my degree; however, this need not be the case for you.  "Sueña Sin Límites” (‘Dream Without Limits’) is providing mothers with an invaluable opportunity, a scholarship that will help 6 mothers and 6 high school seniors planning to attend an accredited U.S. university [...]

RMHC®/HACER® National Scholarship Program Thumbnail RMHC®/HACER® National Scholarship Program Thumbnail

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela In this day and age, education is the key needed to open opportunities and possibilities. It transforms a person's world! Knowing this, I'm always so excited to share scholarship opportunities with you, my readers. If you can not use the [...]

4 Tips to Deal With Back-to-School Stress Thumbnail 4 Tips to Deal With Back-to-School Stress Thumbnail

Now that students have officially gone back to school, the juggling act between homework, studying and hectic schedules has begun. With 85 percent of teens reporting that stress levels directly affect school performance, it’s vital that we arm our children with tools to help keep them cool when the school stress heats up. Latina On [...]

Save the Date: 4 Part Bilingual Educational Webinar Series on June 29 #RumboalCollege Thumbnail Save the Date: 4 Part Bilingual Educational Webinar Series on June 29 #RumboalCollege Thumbnail

Education is the key that opens doors. As a result, I'm always on the look out for information that will help you and your families obtain the best educational opportunities possible. I'm excited to announce that on June 29th, McDonald and LULAC National Educational Service Centers launches On the Track to College, a four-part bilingual [...]

International Center of Photography Teen Scholarship Opportunity Thumbnail International Center of Photography Teen Scholarship Opportunity Thumbnail

Earlier this year my teen, Karl, took a class at the International Center of Photography. As a photographer, he truly enjoyed the experience. He not only learned how to navigate his way in a dark room, he learned how to sharpen his skills behind the lens, was able to network with guest artists and more! [...]

National Mentoring in Medicine Day Thumbnail National Mentoring in Medicine Day Thumbnail

Mentoring in Medicine (MIM) is a national organization that inspires and equips low-income students and underrepresented minorities with the experiences and resources to become health care professionals. If you know of a high school or college student that is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, take note, national Mentoring in Medicine Day is coming up! [...]


Buick and the General Motors Foundation are offering scholarships to current undergraduate students and high school seniors and graduates. The scholarship application opened yesterday, January 9, 2012, and closes at 11:59 p.m. CT, February 29, 2012. The Buick Achievers Scholarship will provide 100 students with up to $25,000 a year. Said scholarship is renewable for [...]

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With a teen preparing to go to college, I am constantly on the lookout for scholarships. Recently, I received information about the RMHC/HACER Hispanic Scholarship. Since 1985, with the support of McDonald’s the RMHC/HACER Scholarship Program has awarded more than $21 million and since 2008 McDonald’s has awarded four $100,000 national scholarships. Today, RMHC/HACER is one [...]


I've always loved to dance. Granted, I missed the dancing gene so I do most of my dancing at home. However, if you are an aspiring dancer The Rocketters have an amazing opportunity for you! This summer the Rockettes will have a summer intensive course for aspiring dancers. The Rockettes Summer Intensive course will offer aspiring [...]


Disney wants to ignite a Teen's dreams with the Disney Dreamers Academy. The program includes an immersive 4 day program at the Walt Disney World Resorts. One hundred teens will be selected from applications to attend. It is sure to inspire and empower the attending youth to reach for their dreams! I plan on having [...]

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