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5 Under $50: Gifts for Tech Savvy Moms

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we here at Latina On a Mission searched for some tech savvy gifts for that special woman in your life. From e-Reader book covers to retro phone handsets, these 5 under $50 are sure to please your Mamá and your wallet!

How to Make a Vitalizing Scalp & Hair Rinse with Honey

We’ve all been pressed for time. Between work, family and daily happenings, it can be hard to get to a salon. Worse, our hectic lifestyles and stress can cause dry hair.  Yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. We can care for our hair at home, using two ingredients that can be […]

Moisturize Your Body, Naturally with Honey

Ladies, your skin needs rescuing! Winter has ended but so many are still suffering from dry, flaky skin. Well, no more! With the help of Mauricio Burgos, a Professional Makeup Artist and Image Consultant, Latina On a Mission wants to rescue your skin with a nourishing home-made skin treatment, that will give you a sweet […]

#Sponsored Giveaway: Payless Christian Siriano Handbag

This is a sponsored Payless Giveaway. Fun day. Sun day. Everybody come say… Payless bags are insane. Stylish, cheap and cray cray. Here we go. Here we go. Comment Tweet and play play. Win this bag for your stash and it will be your fave rave! Hollaaaa! Enter to win the above featured Payless Christian […]

ShopBop Wrap Watch: A Must Buy Accessory!

I love receiving packages in the mail, especially packages from They give me a dose of happiness each time. In fact, opening anything from Shopbop makes me Giddy, with a capital “G”. At first I thought ShopBop may be too rich for my blood but once I browsed it’s different categories I found a […]

Finish, You Complete Me #FinishRiseandShine

Latina On a Mission has partnered with Finish® to review Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel 10-Pack. Awww Kitchen, how I love and hate thee. The food and memories you’ve given me over the years have filled me with joy. Yet, the dishes, oh the dishes, they’re never-ending. They are one of the top reasons […]

Fun, Sassy Kitchenware for Small Kitchens

Spring signals the rebirth of my tiny kitchen. It calls for maximizing every nook and cranny with items that can work double duty. Yet, functionality does not mean boring. It includes fun, sassy colors that brighten up any kitchen’s decor! Check out my faves from Giada De Laurentiis’ new collection of kitchenware for From […]

Pin Your Worries Away with Acupuncture

The first time I heard about acupuncture was from my ‘hippie’ Ecuadorian step aunt. I remember her administering acupuncture to my stepfather while I watched in amazement. It amazed me that it didn’t seem to hurt him at all. My aunt went on to explain that acupuncture was a form of Chinese medicine that has […]

La Carterita / The Clutch

La Carterita / The Clutch I post things that I simply love or enjoy, for one reason or another.  I think there is a history and a feeling to everything. La Carterita, the clutch,  is one of my favorite accessories.  I typically go through my day with a huge handbag, or satchel, that I can […]

Enter to Win Pantene Expert Collection Products (3 Winners)

Recently Jeanette, a Latina On a Mission contributor, had the opportunity to attend a NYC Pantene event. The event showcased their newest line, the Pantene Pro-V Expert AgeDefy Collection and it’s benefits. You can read the article, Use These Hair Products for Strong, Thick, Shiny Hair by clicking on the link. I’m excited to announce […]