With the rise in the Hispanic population, companies are trying to connect with Latinas and their families more than ever before. Smart companies know that in order to connect with this market, they most connect with them on a personal level. Its an untapped market with room for expansion. Kmart, realizing this, launched the first of it’s kind, a fully customized YouTube channel in Spanish. The channel consists of mini soap operas, or novelas, called Madres y Comadres. The series focus on two Latinas and the challenges they face raising a family in America while still holding onto their Hispanic culture.

As the social media manager for Kmart’s Madres y Comadres  initiative, I’m excited to be part of this amazing initiative. Having had the opportunity to work with various entities on their social media initiatives, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Kmart is breaking ground and opening doors for Hispanics with this initiative. They have shined a spotlight on the Latina cultura/culture and the amazing work mothers do to straddle two worlds:  their own and their children.  

I was able to view the mini webisodes before they hit the press. Me encantaron! / I loved them!

As a Latina mother raising 1st generation Latinos in New York City, I could definitely relate to the webisodes. One that really resonated with me was called “La Nota Que Se Nota”

Just like the Mom in the webisode below states:

“¡Tiene “A” en todo menos Español. Como es posible que este niño quien yo le hablado Español desde que nació, me venga con una “C” en Español y una “A” en Chino!”

Translation: [He] has an “A” in everything but Spanish. How is it possible that this child, who I’ve spoked to in Spanish since birth, can come home with a “C” in Spanish and get an “A” in Chinese!”

Why can I relate? Because my own handsome teen brought home an “A” in Japenese last year and barely got a “C” Spanish!


So if you haven’t had a chance to watch the webisodes, I highly suggest you do. Some will make you nod in agreement, while others will make you roar with laughter, but allwill make you turn to your own comadre to say, “¡Gracias Comai, no lo podria ser sin ti! / Thank you Bestie I couldn’t do this without you!

Want to hear more about Madres y Comadres? Follow their accounts by clicking on the links below.

Twitter: @MadresyComadres
Facebook: http://KMRT.US/MYCYouTubeTw


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