Wordless Wednesday: Flying Kites

by Migdalia Rivera

The weather was beautiful this weekend so I decided to take the boys and dogs to the beach. We had a great time flying kites and just spending some quality time together outside of the home.

Karl & Kite_3-18-2012


Tedday @ Beach_ 3-18-2012

Andrew @ Beach_3-18-2012

Shadow @ Beach_3-18-2012

Happy WW!


Let’s talk! What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?


Wordless Wednesday: Do You Text?

My teen discovered this while shopping with my Mom in the Bronx. I can’t believe in this day and age, people would need an instruction manuel! Happy WW! If you are joining in the WW bloghop, leave your link below.

Wordless Wednesday: Have You Seen This Man?

While walking in Manhattan I noticed a poster asking for information about a man. He looked familiar somehow. Wouldn’t you agree? Below is a close-up.   Have you seen this man? If you have, please let us know in a comment.   Happy WW! Feel free to share your link or comments below.

Wordless Wednesday: School = Jail?

My son discovered this while working on a paper. According to this site, school is synonymous with jail. No wonder our children are faltering! Let’s talk! What do you think? Does school = jail? Let us know your thoughts in a comment! Happy WW! If you’re participating in WW, feel free to link up below.

Wordless Wednesday: Culitos Merlot Wine

After a long  WW hiatus, I’m back! A friend of mine recently served a bottle of Culitos’ Merlot Wine on a romantic getaway. The wine hails from Chile; hence, the Spanish name Culitos. Curious: How would you have reacted to a romantic dinner with a bottle of  Culitos’ Merlot Wine? Btw, according to Super Wine […]

Wordless Wednesday: When Dogs Attack (Graphic)

Earlier today, I left my puppies alone for a second. They went crazy, attacking three helpless squirrels! I returned and saved two but the last …. well, I warn you the photos below are graphic. Yes, he ate the brains. Sadly, I don’t think it’s made him any smarter because he later went on to […]

Wordless Wednesday: CAUTION Expired Dog Treats

Last week I purchased a slew of dog treats for my puppies. When I went to open one, I noticed the below. Did you notice the expiration date? IT EXPIRED TEN YEARS AGO! Sadly, this is being sold in my neighborhood. I won’t state the name of the store because of privacy issues (Mine, not theirs!) However, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Because Sometimes You Need A Contract

Because sometimes you need a contract…even at home! After drawing up the below contract for my 10 year old tween, he asked for an attorney. Brave considering I was irate but I took a breath and explained this was a small claims court case, so no attorney was needed (Every moment is a teaching moment […]

Wordless Wednesday: Don’t You Read My Blog? (LINKY)

How many times have you felt like this? Btw, I received the above from Hallmark at BlogHer 11. Cool isn’t it?! I think it sums up how most bloggers feel. Happy WW! If you’re joining in WW, feel free to link up your photo below.  

Wordless Wednesday: Street Art

I recently found this artwork while walking around the city. I’m not sure what it is, but I can tell a lot of care was put into it. What do you think it is? Happy WW!