Word Filled Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday: Flying Kites

by Migdalia Rivera

The weather was beautiful this weekend so I decided to take the boys and dogs to the beach. We had a great time flying kites and just spending some quality time together outside of the home.

Karl & Kite_3-18-2012


Tedday @ Beach_ 3-18-2012

Andrew @ Beach_3-18-2012

Shadow @ Beach_3-18-2012

Happy WW!


Let’s talk! What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?


Wordless Wednesday: Do You Text?

My teen discovered this while shopping with my Mom in the Bronx. I can’t believe in this day and age, people would need an instruction manuel! Happy WW! If you are joining in the WW bloghop, leave your link below.

Wordless Wednesday: School = Jail?

My son discovered this while working on a paper. According to this site, school is synonymous with jail. No wonder our children are faltering! Let’s talk! What do you think? Does school = jail? Let us know your thoughts in a comment! Happy WW! If you’re participating in WW, feel free to link up below.