Below the Avenger’s designer explains its design.  


To recap what he said:
Its quiet.
  1. It has accoustically laminated windows which keep the noise outside of the car.
  2. Treatments were also placed throughout the inside of the car to make the car quieter, which is rare for this type of car (D Class).
Its comfortable.
  1. Throughout the car, plastic was replaced with soft materials. Soft material was used for the armrest, parts of the door panels, leather trim steering wheel, center console, and the upper part of instrument panel.
  2. The seat bolster, which is the outside surface of the seat, was opened up. Topper pads were added on top of the foam, as well, which helps with seat comfort and support.
Its confident.
  1. Out of 28 suspension bushings in the car, 24 were changed. A bushing is a piece of rubber that’s in the suspension system . They support the car as it turns and also transfer energy from bumps so the passengers do not feel it. See video for more re: rubber parts, spring rates, shock clamping, and more!
  2. Distance between the rear tires track width was increased which gives it a smoother ride.
  3. Tire patch, the amount of tire that is actually on the ground, was increased.
  4. Tires were changed from a 215 to 225 to make it wider so as to provide more stability.
  5. Car was lowered in rear and front to give it a more planted feel.
  6. Engine was awarded best of class by Automotive Magazine.


A Woman’s View of The Dodge Avenger

I brought my 1st car in 2003.  A few months later, I crashed in a very weird chicken accident that caused a four car pile up. Thankfully, we survived. It’s never let me down. It may not be the sexiest car, but I don’t think I could have handled sexy at that point. Times have changed. […]