Puerto Rico Recap + Answers to WW

by Migdalia Rivera

Working in Social Media affords me many opportunities, including my favorite, the ability to work from anywhere. I can work from home in my pajamas, at the park, as my puppies play, or even on a totally different island. 

My island, where I currently reside, is a wonderful place to live. Its a hive of activity, full of busy worker bees. However, every once in a while this Queen Bee needs a break from her Manhattan hive. So off my children and I went to a different island, to Puerto Rico, “La Isla Del Encanto”  (Wikipedia Translation: “The Island of Enchantment”). 

We stayed at “El Conquistador”, a beautiful family friendly resort located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico that sits on a mountaintop. With several pools, a tennis and golf course, fitness center, spa, kids club and their own private island, I knew we would have all the amenities that we would need and I was right! 

The hotel was beautiful, 



the views amazing, 




the pools and saunas refreshing, 





the private island idyllic,


and the service impeccable!


They had many restaurants to choose from. You could have lechon/pig roast,


arroz con dulce/ 


majarete custard cups YUM! and so much more!


The boys had an amazing time, trying out new activities like snorkeling, horseback riding and hiking! 



They were exposed to reptiles, insects and even a small sand shark that made them run as if their lives depended on it! According to the island workers, the sand sharks found along the Palomino Island waters eat underwater vegetation not people. However, my boys aren’t dumb, they weren’t taking any chances and made a mad dash for shore! 



Sand shark 

We rented a car, got lost, and finally made it to El Yunque Rain forest, where we hiked and explored one of the seven Natural Wonders of the world! 



Climbing one of the many towers in the rain forest made me feel like a Queen, one far removed from the busy Queen Bee of the Manhattan Hive. 


I was no longer rushing about my day, I was throwing down my long wavy hair from the top of the castle tower! 


Heading back to the hotel, we ate at a local shop, which was operated out of the proprietor’s home. He had clusters of coconuts in the dining area where we ate empanadas and spent time with the locals. 


Based on New York standards, that proprietor and his family would have been considered poor, but to me they were rich. They fell asleep to the melody of the coquis, saw the sun rise over the mountaintop, and walked just a few short steps to meet and greet travelers who came from all over the world to visit El Yunque. Yes, I think they are rich indeed! 




We returned to New York tanner and in my case sunburned (OUCH!), as shown by the picture of my arm below.


We created countless memories that I’m sure we’ll treasure for many years to come and it was all possible because of Social Media! 



Sand Shark Photo Credit: Murray Duncan 


We had some really hilarious answers yesterday. I have to say I was surprised with the answers to number 3. Based on emails, texts and DMs on Twitter, many thought #3 was my tush. Ummm G rated family friendly blog remember? I also had people compare it to a peach, a well musled bellboy, bread buns and even eggs!  Talk about variety! ;)

Thank you all for giving me a day of laughter and joining in on the fun! Now onto the answers…

  1. Lechon
  2. Coconuts
  3. My sunburned arm! (OUCH!)


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