Sick Boy

“Sanale, sanale, sanale, ya!*”
Loosely translated to, “Heal him, heal him, heal him, now”


I can still remember my Mamí saying these words to me when I was sick. She said these magic words as she massaged my arms or back, repeating them over and over until I fell asleep in her arms.

Now as a Mom, I find myself saying these same words to my boys when they’re sick. I’ll rub there foreheads while quietly saying the words and lulling them to sleep. It doesn’t matter that I have a tween and teen. They believe the words have the power to heal them. They believe in me. And I can’t let them down.

As I reflect on those memories, I now realize it wasn’t the words that had the power to heal. It wasn’t even my mother’s nearness, although I am sure she thought so (I love you Mamí!). It was what she did beforehand.

It was the medicine she gave me.

The medicine, prescribed by a doctor down the block, was always pink and tasted horrible. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons Mamí always sat with us. She knew we needed her reassurance that the horrid pink medicine would work. I’m sure we wouldn’t have drunk it otherwise.

Thankfully, there have been advances in medicine, particularly over the counter medicine. Unlike my Mamí, I don’t have to take a day off from work. I can head to the nearest drugstore if I feel a cough, cold or even the flu coming on. like Robitussin® Peak Cold Nighttime Multi-Symptom Cold soothe my sons and ease my worries, allowing us all to sleep easier.

So even though I don’t have to sit by them, rubbing their foreheads, and repeatedly saying “Sanale, sanale, sanale, ya!*”, I do it anyway. They don’t need the ditty to heal, but they will always need their Mami. And I won’t let them down. I refuse to.

I am their protector.

They may scream,

“Maaaaa, dejame quieto*! I know what to do!”
Loosely translated to, “Maaaaaaa, leave me alone!”

But I know better. They need me. They need me to remind them to use alcohol-free hand sanitizer when they leave a public bathroom and to never, EVER, sit down on the tiolet. They need me to tell them to drink a cup of hot liquid, like tea, when they have a scratch in their throat. They need me to remind them, numerous times, to get off the internet and go OUTSIDE!

Yup! They need me. “Sanale, sanale, sanale, ya!*” doesn’t have magic powers and neither do I. What I do have is the Robitussin® Relief Finder. It’s quick and easy. All I have to do is select our symptoms and the app will tell me which product is right for us, and where to find it. It doesn’t matter if I’m in New York, Puerto Rico or Virginia, the app knows where I can go.

Combine that with Mamí’s magic words and that’s some powerful stuff!


Let’s talk! What do you do when your child is sick? Do you have an old ditty you recite?


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