What Size Are You?

by Migdalia Rivera

As a child, I lived in a world of dieters. The women in my life were constantly trying new “fad” diets to lose another five more pounds.

They ate and complained. Said they took a bite and gained. It was an endless cycle of love and hate, with themselves and the bodies around them. Curves were shunned. They no longer believed the bodies given to them were worthy. In the US, thin was in. It was the year of the super models… of Twiggy like proportions.

Growing up, I recall telling my mother I wanted to be a model myself. I looked at the magazines and wanted to be them. They looked beautiful. They looked smart. They looked…happy, with themselves.

The look she gave me that day shattered my dream. I was what I call a curvy girl. Always have been. My lower body has always been stockier than most of those around me. And people noticed.

It took many, many years for me to become comfortable with myself, with my body. I didn’t always think my curves were Latinalicious. At that time, I just wanted to fit in, to become what others defined as “beautiful”.

I now see my body for what it is, regardless of what others may say. It sustains me. It has been pushed to extremes and survived. It is Latinalicious, not just because of its curves, but also for what it can do and has done.

I stopped the cycle of fad diets passed down to me. There are no extremes. I do not want to pass it on to my sons. I now exercise because of the health benefits, not as a chore, or a means to an end, but as a way to strengthen myself, mentally as well as physically.

I will never be a “Twiggy”. I have curves and I celebrate them!

What size am I?

I am finally a size “Happy”.

What about you?

Macys Style and Co Photo Shoot with Glamour

Above I fulfilled a childhood dream. I wasn’t chained by what others said I could do.

I was a “model” for Macy’s Style and Co. Jeans. I loved them! Why? Because I didn’t have to alter my body to fit into them. I didn’t have to lose just 5 more pounds to put them on. They celebrated my Latinalicious curves! They fit me because they were made for “real” women, like you and I, not models. They even have tummy control, for those days when you eat just to many empanadas/beef patties, like I had done the day before! :)

To read more about the jeans and see the Glamour and Macy’s Style & co video click here. You’ll have a chance to see my derriere in ways you never dreamed of: Close up :)


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