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I have always been a coffee lover. Growing up with a Puerto Rican mother, I watched her make coffee with the white cotton sock (the colador/cloth coffee filter) while boiling milk on the side. She would then race across the kitchen to make sure the milk didn’t rise. At this point, I would hear a “coño”  because it always did. It was after a certain age that she allowed us to drink it, but I would always sneak a sip when she ran to the bathroom, or took an important call, and it was delicious!  I remember wiggling the liquid across my teeth and feeling the warmth, sweetness, and creamy texture flow down my throat. I was addicted.

My cafe got me through my days of college and those long nights of thesis writing. It was about a year and a half ago that I quit coffee cold turkey. I had taken a leave of absence from teaching and was home. Although hubby still made coffee, I didn’t have the urge to drink it. When I returned to the classroom, I immediately started drinking it again and goodness did it ever help me back at school. What a comfort! When I drink coffee, it transports me to my mother’s kitchen. Those are very sweet memories for me. It even takes me back to the times when I visited Puerto Rico during the summertime and we would pick coffee beans right from my Tia’s backyard in Utuado!

Now that I’m drinking coffee again, we stock up every time we run to BJ’s. Just the other day, my hubby mentioned that he thought we were making it too dark, because of how much we were discarding when we were done. My mother in law would often say the same thing. She could even make a second pot of coffee with the grounds that we brewed. And, it was still good and hearty! Definitely, an expensive habit.


keurig k-cup |

When we first used the Keurig,  the coffee was much lighter than what we’re used to. However, we discovered we could get a darker roast if we used a different K-Cup. Our Keurig also came with a reusable coffee filter called “My K-Cup”. The filter basket can be filled with up to 2.7 tablespoons (filled to the top of the mesh), so you can use as much, or as little, as you want. Now, I don’t worry about wasting coffee. I get the perfect cup with Keurig and can even use my own coffee instead of K-Cups! I like to think of it as Keurig to the rescue!

Cleaning is also super easy – use warm soapy water, rinse y ya!

With Keurig, I’m able to make coffee at home faster and easier, with no messy clean-up and can even take a mug with me to school. I no longer have to stop at the local store to pick up my cafecito and waste money or time. I make it in the convenience of my own home, set the brewing time, and while I get ready for work my coffee is made. The best benefit, my smile is a little wider because Keurig makes my mornings less complicated, saves me money, and again… no. messy. clean. up. What more can a coffee lover ask for?

Let’s talk! Do you use a coffee brewer or a colador /cloth coffee filter when making coffee?keurig review by eileen campos |


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