With all the talk of chanclas on Twitter, I did a search for some cute ones. I love these from Payless. The colors pop and are sure to make stand out in a sea of black and brown chanclas!

They can be worn with jeans, shorts, a skirt and even while rushing to work in business wear. Just make sure you take them off at the office. Toes are a big, big  HR no no.

Payless Estilo PIPER RUFFLE
Payless Montego Bay Club Piper Ruffle Flip Flop (Sale Price: $19.99)

Petunia Flower Sandal

Payless Montego Bay Club Petunia Flower Sandal
 (Sale: $16.99)


Port Jelly Sandal

Payless Dexter Port Jelly Sandal
 (Sale: $5.00!!!)


So what do you think? Are they chic or do they just look  cheap? Let us know in a comment!