Summer Pet Care is Important

by Migdalia Rivera

My Puppies

My two puppies, Shadow and Teddy, are my babies. They are as important to me as my two sons and because of that I try to stay up to date on their care.

Yet even with all the reading I’ve done on puppy care, I still learned a slew of new things at the VCA PAWfect Twitter Party with  Dr. Donna Spector, a VCA Veterinarian/Pet health Expert.

Several points that stuck out in my head were:

  • Pets are a lot like kids in the summer! Often times they don’t realize how hot it is & will overdo it on very hot days.
  • If your dog is overheating NEVER use ice or very cold water to cool your pet. Instead, place a cool, wet towel over them.
  • Dogs and cats can get sunburned, especially those with light or short coats. Protection is key when in the sun for long periods.
  • Common signs of heatstroke are labored breathing & excessive panting. For more info on how to treat it visit:


Did any of these points surprise you?

To get more info about pet care, click HERE. You’ll also find all of this information and lots more on the VCA Pets Facebook page.

Disclosure: This is a paid campaign created in collaboration with Stiletto Media and VCA Animal Hospitals.


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