Bullying is nothing new. Our children face it and sometimes even as adults we do as well. We’re taught to remove ourselves from the situation and the tormentor, yet with cyberbullying that is nearly impossible.

Cyberbullying has changed the dynamics. It has taken bullying to the next level, made it more vicious and crueler than ever before. A person can no longer avoid the tormentor by removing themselves from the situation. They can now text you, Facebook you, tweet you, IM you, AIM you, and even livestream their torment, as they did with Tyler Clementi.

Sadly, Tyler could not overlook the torment and shame he felt was being inflicted on him and decided to take his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Before he did so, he changed his Facebook status. It stated:

Jumping off the gw bridge sorry

I can’t imagine the torment his family must have felt when reading that status. Even worse, they are now faced with the tormentors’ cropping up after his death, rubbing salt in the wound. The ones that are mocking him, like this newly created Facebook Page (shown below) and the tinypic.com picture (Warning: Vulgar).

Ban FaceBook Page Mocking Tyler Clementi

Bullying doesn’t stop until confronted. We cannot bring Tyler Clementi back, but we can band together to ask Facebook and tinypic.com to remove the page and graphics.

Will you take a stand with me?

UPDATE: The Facebook page and the tinypic.com picture have been removed. Thank you for taking a stand with me.