Mischief, Magic and Mayhem With Disney Universe

I did not take a drink from a bottle labeled Drink Me, did not eat a cake with Eat Me written on it, yet it seemed I had fallen down a rabbit hole into Alice’s Tea Cup. It was a festive, inviting wonderland filled with all types of tea, served in dainty teacups. They were not labeled Drink Me. They did not […]

The Face Of Gratitude Blessed Me

This week I met gratitude face to face. In the middle of a chaotic week, I learned I had more to offer when I had nothing to give. Like most women, I am constantly juggling my time to accomplish as much as possible in a 24 hour day. I make to do lists, trying to squeeze in […]

Wordless Wednesday: CAUTION Expired Dog Treats

Last week I purchased a slew of dog treats for my puppies. When I went to open one, I noticed the below. Did you notice the expiration date? IT EXPIRED TEN YEARS AGO! Sadly, this is being sold in my neighborhood. I won’t state the name of the store because of privacy issues (Mine, not theirs!) However, […]

Don’t Get Caught in New York’s “Lucky Bag” Sting!

The New York Daily News recently reported about a fairly old Police sting that is rising it’s ugly head again. Apparently, police are leaving bags/purses unattended, in select NYC areas, while maintaining surveillance from a short distance away. Since its inception, the NYPD has arrested several hundred individuals who were tempted by the bags’ contents which included electronics and […]

9/11 Ten Years Later…

Today as I sit in my living room, listening to the police vehicles and fire trucks outside my window, I reflect on 911 and how much my life has changed. Ten years ago, I was working at a boutique law firm in the compliance department. I researched laws, both nationally and internationally, while also montioring the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Marker War

Below is what happens when you leave a teen and a tween to their own devices while you run out and enjoy a latte. I left them playing a board game and returned towards the end of a marker battle! Thankfully, the markers used were Crayola’s Washable Markers. Can you imagine if they had to […]

What Size Are You?

As a child, I lived in a world of dieters. The women in my life were constantly trying new “fad” diets to lose another five more pounds. They ate and complained. Said they took a bite and gained. It was an endless cycle of love and hate, with themselves and the bodies around them. Curves […]

Wordless Wednesday: I brought a “Cow in Cream”?

While sorting through piles of papers this weekend, I came across this (see below). It seems I brought a very inexpensive “Cow in Cream”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what a “Cow in Cream” is? I’ve been racking my brain but can’t figure it out. Any ideas? Happy WW!

I Survived #Irene And All I Got Were These Pictures

We made it! New York City weathered the storm. It survived Irene without any major catastrophe. As promised, below are post images of New York.  I scoured the web and these images were the ones that stood out. Did you take any pics you would like to share? Let us know in the comments and […]

Preparing for Hurricane #Irene in New York City #NYC

Having lived through hurricanes in Puerto Rico, including Hurricane Hugo which was a category 3-4, I’ve had to go without water and electricity for almost two weeks. It’s not an experience I ever wanted to relive. Living in New York City, I never believed I would have to prepare for one again, but prepare I […]