In my previous post, I mentioned how much I enjoyed Disney's newest video game,  Disney Universe.  Rated E+, it's full of wholesome fun that the whole family can enjoy!  Alone or with friends, users can suit up as their favorite Disney or Pixar characters, defeat enemies, or their friends, for hours of fun!  Missed my review? Click here to read my Disney [...]


I did not take a drink from a bottle labeled Drink Me, did not eat a cake with Eat Me written on it, yet it seemed I had fallen down a rabbit hole into Alice's Tea Cup. It was a festive, inviting wonderland filled with all types of tea, served in dainty teacups. They were not labeled Drink Me. They did not [...]


I've spoken about the Wii a few times on my blog because I love how it's helped my family and I bond, while having fun. It's provided us with loads of fun, laughter and has even settled a few arguements (Example: Winner doesn't have to do dishes). Honestly, my boys and I couldn't live without [...]


My sons are avid gamers. It's the one area in which their 7 year age difference appears to disappear. It's also what allows us to bond as a family. I purchased a Wii bundle several years ago when Circuit City was going out of business. It was, and still is one of the best "toys" [...]

Game and Video Coupons – Perfect for Spring Break! Thumbnail Game and Video Coupons – Perfect for Spring Break! Thumbnail

  With Spring Break right around the corner in New York City and already started in other parts of the United States, parents are looking for ways to entertain their children. Along with outings around the city, I also make sure I have games and videos on hand. They are not only perfect for Spring [...]

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