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Mega Swag Bucks Friday Thumbnail Mega Swag Bucks Friday Thumbnail

Its been some time since I've spoken of Swagbucks, an online reward site that rewards you with digital dollars called Swag Bucks.   I highly recommend the site because its an easy way to earn by searching the Internet. By using their search engine, which includes results from and, you can quickly amass a substantial amount [...]

My Swagbucks Swag Thumbnail My Swagbucks Swag Thumbnail

I love, love, love swagbucks! Yes, I know I've stated this a number of times but can you blame me?! Its a great way to get some wonderful swag (products/gift cards/cash and more!) by searching the Internet.  Click HERE to read my previous post which explains it further. I recently redeemed my swagbucks for 2 sets [...]

New Swagbucks Code Thumbnail New Swagbucks Code Thumbnail

Last week I spoke on how you could earn 30 extra Swagbucks during the month of September. If you missed that post click HERE. If you still haven't joined Swagbucks, I have some exciting news! The Swagbucks team is extending an offer to my readers who have not yet signed up for swagbucks. New members [...]

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I've mentioned Swagbucks several times since I have begun blogging because I find it to be a great way to earn extra money, gift cards, t-shirts, DVDs, CDs, and more. Since I started using Swagbucks, all of 4 months ago, I've amassed almost 500 Swagbucks (points) which I can redeem for prizes. I've chosen to save my Swagbucks for [...]

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I'm happy to announce that Swagbucks is giving readers of Latina On a Mission a special incentive to join! If you're new to Swagbucks, its a great way to earn virtual dollars that can be redeemed for money, gift cards, t-shirts, comics, DVDs, CDs, and so much more! Earning points or "swag bucks" is very [...]


Have you joined Swagbucks, an online search engine that gives you "swag bucks" or points that you exchange for FREE items?  If you have, I'm sure you've found its a wonderful way to get some extra goodies, like FREE giftcards, T-shirts, books, DVDs, CDs and so much more. If you haven't, you should definitely jump on it because I [...]


For those of you familiar with Swagbucks, an online search engine like, I am sure you can agree with me when I say, "I LOVE SWAGBUCKS!" This is the easiest way that I have found to bring in some extra fun money. I especially like the gift cards that I have received since its like getting [...]


Ten, actually ELEVEN, extra ways to make extra money during this economic crisis!