As noted in a previous post, I was able to admire the new Hallmark Kids Collection at Blissdom at the Hallmark booth. Hallmark writer Sarah Mueller who helped develop their new line was on hand to show me several of the cards. In the video below, we discussed the importance of encouraging children and how [...]


Image from   We're home! We arrived Monday night from Blissdom. Our original Sunday flight to LaGuardia was cancelled because of weather conditions. Thankfully, my boys and I were able to get a flight to Newark on Monday, arriving before the tri-state area snow storm. Us Airways gave us a hotel room, as well as food vouchers, however, we ended up [...]


I'm excited to say that I am in Nashville, Tennesse at Blissdom, with my sons' Karl of Teen On Da Rise and Andrew of Andrew's Voice! It was a last minute decision. I won a Blissdom ticket on Twitter from DeVries PR this past Monday, booked our flight and hotel on Tuesday and flew out [...]